Welcome Chase Biscuit!

After about two months of background checks, a home visit and waiting, we adopted our greyhound yesterday, Chase Biscuit. He is loving, affectionate, obedient and playful – an all-around great dog.


6 thoughts on “Welcome Chase Biscuit!

  1. Stephanie J

    Hee! He does have a weird look on his face. Actually, he is absolutely in love with this dog. He already has a nickname for him: Buddy. He can't keep his hands off of him when he is near. He is constantly petting, patting and cooing. He buys him toys, special treats, etc. This boy is very much loved.


  2. BetsyE

    Congrats Stephanie! We adored our greyhound Packer. He's no longer with us, but you inspire me to consider giving a good home to another grey. They are wonderful dogs! Betsy (Molly's sister)


  3. Molly F

    I love the picture of him taking a nap. I do believe that Greyhounds have a knack for making napping an art form -they're so good at it! So glad you are enjoying him a lot already!



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